THE ’80S

From: TV Times Magazine 23-29 January 1982


Stricking a match

Richard Warwick, who plays the matchmaking Phil in the comedy series A Fine Romance, doesn’t altogether hold with the idea of trying to team up people romantically.

It’s been tried on me and it was a disaster” he recalls. “I tried to bring two friends together and that was a disaster too.” Warwick claims that someone who’s very good at matchmaking is actress Diana Quick, star of Brideshead Revisited.

She matched up a couple once,” he recalls, “and they eventually got married and had loads of children.

He feels there’s more to his screen marriage than meets the eyes, adding that he and co-star Susan Penhaligon try to put across that their marriage in the series is not perfect.

Later in the series, we have one or two rows.” But the rows don’t spill over into the television studio, because the cast get on well with each other.

In fact, it’ll be quite a sad parting next year when Warwick heads back to America, which has been his home for the past two-and-a-half years.

“I always miss dear old London,” he admits. “But a whole loads of my friends moved to the States. One morning I woke up and had a flash of light that said ‘go to America’, so I went. It took a lot of courage as I had no job to go to and hardly any money.

He recons he’ll return to America with mixed feelings. But instead of going to New York, where he was originally based, he’ll be heading West to California.

Some people say it’s full of lunatics,” he says, “But I think there are just as many lunatics here…” ROSALIND RUSSELL

Pic - Striking a match

Richard Warwick gives the thumbs-down to matchmaking.

Original article courtesy of Graeme Wood   on Twitter

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Striking a match


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