Good actor, sweet and beautiful Richard Warwick, gone too soon.

I think he deserves to be remembered and I’m sure there are still many fans of him out here! For sure in his life he knew he was much admired.

In four decades, he made lot of movies, series and plays with great directors like Derek Jarman, Lindsay Anderson,  Richard Lester, Clint Eastwood

I’m glad he started his career in Italy, in one of most famous and beautiful film on Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”, in 1968. Then, he returned to play “Sebastiane” in Sardinia in 1976 (as a Latin soldier, Justin). How curious, he played another Italian character, Antonio, in Derek Jarman’s “The Tempest”.

I was quite young when he died, although I saw some movies with him on TV when I was a child, like “International Velvet”.

I discovered him later watching “If…” for the first time and he impressed me playing Wallace. So I wanted to know more about him and his career.

Those who worked with him told how they admired him and liked his friendship.

I bought two beautiful books about movie “IF…” and actor Rupert Webster mentioned him as “a nice chap” there.

I have also Lindsay Anderson diaries and biography. In a letter, he wrote to Malcolm McDowell, after a dinner with RW : “I’m always happy to see him again”.

Also actor David Wood has only nice words on him, as you can read in the “Sources and Thanks” page.

In his biography “The Confessions of Robin Askwith”, also actor Robin Askwith writes Richard and him became good friends after having worked both in “If…” and they went together in gigs and travels.

Other colleagues like Susan Penhaligon started a close friendship with him.

Warwick was also a good friend of the Scottish actor Ian Charleson and I was moved when I read in an article that he assisted him till the end. Unfortunately both became ill of terrible disease Aids and died. But their passion for acting lasted during last years of their life. I would like to find a photo with them working together in a play, if this ever happened.

In an interview you can find in the gallery, I read Richard had a passion for Music and Writing. He wrote a contribution for the book “For Ian Charleson: A Tribute”, where he said how much he loved Ian’s friendship and talent.

Bless them whenever they are now!


In January 2006 I started to write comments on Richard and his works on IMDb.com, so some of his fans around the world replied to me and they seemed much interested like me in information and photos on this actor, so I thought to open myself a site in tribute to him, which has changed from time to time.

In years, I collected photos, DVDs, theatrical programmes, articles and books related to his works.  Here you can find some material I collected so far, thanks also to the contribution of other fans.

Write to me, if you want to say something about him, to add some new information and images or just to say “Hello”!

You can write comments on this site or by E-mail richardwarwicktribute[at]gmail.com


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    I just want to say thank you for your very beautiful tribute to this wonderful actor.
    I am from Brazil and as a teenager I remember watching a very strange movie late at night on tv about a group of rebellious youngsters. “If…” is still one of my favorite movies. Little did I know about his personal life and tragic death..

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  2. Hi, my name is José, i am from Panamá. I met Richard. throught the movie “IF” and since i had become a fan of him. I am searching more information about him, so if you can help me, i appreciate it.
    Thank you for everything that are you doing for his memory.

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    • Hi José, thank you for writing a comment about Richard. Same here, his performance in “If…” was unforgettable! I’m trying to find as much information as I can about him to post on this blog, so keep in touch! 🙂


  3. I will try to be very short and direct in appreciating this Lord, Richard Warwick.
    I am a natural Portuguese from Madeira Island and a lover of cinema. In my inquiries around the world, I learned that he died very early. Tell him that I know him as the troubadour who sings, in the movie Romeo and Juliet and later in IF. Only in recent research was I caught off guard. I am sorry for your disappearance yet something young and with much to give in the 7th Art.
    Thank you for some clarification on the life of this Lord.

    Funchal / Madeira – Portugal

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    • Hi Jorge, thank you for your nice comment. Richard died still young an yet gave us some unforgettable performances. I’m trying to add some more information about his life and career, there’s still a lot of work to do!


  4. I just recently watched “If….” for the first time and upon seeing Richard Warwick thought “Who is THAT?!?!”. So charismatic and handsome…I looked him up and was saddened to discover he died so young. Also learned Noel Coward was most pleased with his performance as an addict in the Vortex and ordered the DVD…I’m hooked!

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    • Hi John and thank you for having visited my site!
      Richard’s performance in “If…” touched so many souls, I was immediately taken myself.
      It’s really sad when you find out that he died so young!
      I got his performance in Noel Coward “The Vortex” on DVD, too, and I think he should have done many other works playing the main character. It really surprised me reading in an interview that he preferred secondary roles.
      Stay in touch!


  5. Hi again! Since I last posted I’ve had the chance to watch both the Vortex and the Breaking of Bumbo. I confess to never having seen a Noel Coward piece before and it’s not what I expected. Very intense, raw emotions…oddly it reminded me of both Fassbinder and Tennessee Williams. Warwick is terrific…with a vulnerability and sensitivity-he certainly had a unique quality.


    • Hi! Maybe The Breaking Of Bumbo is not one of Richard’s best films, according to what I read (I still have to watch it, I’ve found just a clip on Youtube), but he was charming in that uniform! About The Vortex, I was totally taken by his performance the first time I saw it!! I like your citation of Fassbinder and Williams. Wouldn’t have been great to see that production on stage? I find so strange Warwick preferred secondary roles, when he was so good in main ones! And I like Coward’s plays, so it’s a double treat to me!


      • I actually found the Breaking of Bumbo quite amusing…no it’s not a very “good” movie but certainly a droll curiosity of its time. Plus what fun too see the young Joanna Lumley. Warwick exudes a certain self-conscious mockery that’s cute and charming…such as “I’m having fun but please kill me now”.


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