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Write to me at richardwarwicktribute[at] if you want to say something about Richard or to add some new information!

Thank you very much to those who wrote to me since I’ve opened this fan site!


From the newest to the oldest:

From Bill J, Monday, December 01, 2014 7:22 PM via e-mail

Hi, I was interested in your WordPress site about the actor Richard Warwick.

I went to school with Richard, I suppose you could say we were ‘best friends’ until we were about 13. Although I lost touch with him pretty soon after we left school I always followed his career.
One point you have found somewhere is not correct. It is that although he went to school in Cheltenham it was not the Cheltenham Boys College (the location for ‘If’) but Dean Close School, Cheltenham.  He was known as ‘Rick’ Winter in those days.  His family lived at Tirley nr Tewkesbury which was why he was so suited to play John Moore in ‘Brensham People’ which is based on Tewkesbury.

Thanks for the site

Bill J

Very nice memory, isn’t it?

I’m trying to imagine Richard as a young student!






I am sure Richard would be glad to know that people still love his work and think so fondly of him.



He really was a remarkably handsome man, tall with quite a strong presence. What a shame that AIDS claimed him, as it has so many others…


Charles – from U.S. – “I’m in love with Richard Warwick” – May 2, 2009

I was hoping either you or Paul would have posted something for Richard’s 64th birthday this last Wednesday. I have recently fallen madly in love with Richard Warwick this last month. I gad gotten If…. on DVD and have gone through Romeo & Juliet, The Last of the Mohicans, Nicholas & Alexandra, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Sebastiane & Jane Eyre. I’m still looking forward to the Tempest, A Fine Romance, Johnny Dangerously, White Hunter Black Heart, Hamlet & The Lost Language of Cranes. All thanks to Netfix. I just can’t get enough of him, he’s delicious!

Thank you for your lovely website you’ve done a beautiful job collecting rare photo’s of Richard and Ian. I’ve been searching on the internet and there doesn’t seem to be anything written about Richard at all. I’ve been trying to put pieces together about Richard thanks to you and Paul. Would you please share with me what you might know. I would be eternally grateful and love you forever. Please keep up the good work on the site. You’ve done an amazing job. Do you myspace? Thank you, Charles


 Eric – from U.S. – September 2009

I just discovered the site, and learned so much that I had wanted to know, and enjoyed the many great photos. Thanks for bringing all the material together.

For years I had wanted to learn more about him– particularly whether he was gay– and finally I recently thought to do a search, and found your site. It’s great to know that there are others who appreciated him– as you’ve said, he was wonderfully handsome, a good actor, and, according to those who knew him, a kind man. A hope much of his life was happy. What a shame that he died so young. One of the many, many sad losses because of AIDS. It makes me all the more committed to contribute to fighting the disease and helping those who struggle with it.

I live in the U.S., and am three years younger than Richard would be if he were alive.

In the summer of 1969, when I was twenty– and scared to admit to myself or to anyone else that I was gay– I was in college and was doing a student internship in Washington, D.C., and went to the movie “If…”, not knowing anything about it beforehand. Perhaps some other gay men my age can understand– I’d never seen a film that presented a romantic, affectionate relationship between two young men, like that between Wallace and Phillips.

It completely amazed me, and– as a college student who was appalled by the Viet Nam War, the hostility to the Civil Rights Movement, and the foolishness of many politicians and teachers and other “leaders,” I loved the rebellious fantasy of the film.

And I loved Richard. And somehow I was sure he was gay.

I went to see the film every night for the next week! That probably sounds crazy, but for me it was the first time I’d ever thought positively about accepting myself, about acknowledging that I loved men, that there were men worth loving who might love me back, and above all that I had a right to love and could say “no” to all those who were telling me I shouldn’t. Of course, all those feelings and ideas took a long time to sort out and live, but the movie– and Richard– were absolutely central to the process of starting to “come out,” for me. I’ve always loved the film, and felt grateful to it, and to Richard Warwick, for that. Accepting my sexuality and emotions saved my life. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s good to know more about him from your site.

I’d seen “Nicholas and Alexandra” and of course “Sebastiane” and “The Lost Language of Cranes,” but knew very little about him. I was very sad to learn about his illness and death. I hope you’ll continue to collect information about him and to post it. It means a lot to know it. Thank you. […]

I’m totally agree with you, Eric.




Cornelia: “sweet Richard Warwick” – Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hi Antonella, thanks so much for your wonderful tribute page to Richard.  I first fell in love with him at age 10 or so when The Last of the Mohicans came out.  It was the first grown-up television I remember watching with my parents, and I was transported.  Even tried to slog through the book!  I think Richard’s extreme beauty and apparent sexual orientation may have overshadowed what a good actor he was.  Watching him in Mohicans, Sebastiane, and If…, it’s startling to think it’s all the same man.  He died much too soon.  So sad, since treatments for AIDS would shortly become available…

Mille grazie for all your hard work, and the pictures!



 Marilyn – from the old guestbook online

March 6th 2011
07:24:11 PM
How did you find this website?
Where are you from?
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Would you like to say something on Richard??
I just finished watching Richard in all the episodes of “A Fine Romance” and then found this web site.
I am a year younger than him. I first saw him in “Last of the Mohicans” and thought he was wonderful. I went to London in 1972 and saw him in some plays at the Young Vic. I went up to him after a show and introduced myself and told him I was a big fan. He invited me to come with him down to the pub for a drink and to meet some of his friends. He was ABSOLUTELY charming!! At the time I worked for Goodman Theatre in Chicago and knew many actors and theater people. He had heard of Goodman and it’s School of Drama as well as the theatre. I met several of his friends at the pub, but the one I remember most was Gordon, of ‘Peter & Gordon’ fame. Anyway, it was great fun and he was really funny and generous and I think of him often. I lost many other actor friends to AIDS and miss all of them.
I own copies of the “Romeo & Juliet” and “White Hunter Black Heart”. I’ve also seen “…If”, “Nicholas & Alexandra” and “The bed-sitting Room”.
Thanks for setting up this Guestbook and giving me a chance to add my story to all the other comments.
Linda – from the old guestbook online

March 2nd 2011
03:51:39 AM
How did you find this website?
Where are you from?
Would you like to say something on Richard??
Hi! I’m so happy to have found your site! I loved Richard and I’m agree he deserved more recognition! [:)]
From me: some other thoughts – May 2009

(please forgive my English)

I’m in late, but I want to remember that the last 29 of April would be the 64th birthday of Richard.

It’s a pity I could buy a beautiful celebrative book made after Ian Charleson death in 1990, but nobody wrote a word on Richard 7 years later!!! (as I know, at least…)

Richard himself wrote a brief but passionate and a little bit ironic chapter about Ian in this book.

What I really would like to find is a photo with Richard and Ian together, since I know they were good friends.

In these years, I could find many titles of Richard filmography, some books by/on directors he worked with (specially by/on Derek Jarman, my favorite one), I’m quite satisfied but I’m still looking for materials on him.

Is not easy to find information on Warwick. He seemed to be a very private person.

Maybe another problem is because of his surname: sometimes mistaken with singer Dionne Warwick, sometimes wrongly written, sometimes mistaken with another American actor with the same name.

Maybe I’m wrong but, for example, I tried to see “Johnny Dangerously” but I didn’t recognize him between the prisoners, so I think there was that other actor

Until some month ago, on his filmography there was also an episode of the series “Hill Street Blue”, but he wasn’t him – in fact, IMDB later changed his filmography – now I read there some new titles, I fear I’ll can never see these titles.

I have to change the filmography in my site!

There is also a character with his same name in an Agatha Christie book!

Often some sites or books mistake his role in “Sebastiane”: they say he played Adrian!!! While he played Justin!! He was the most famous actor in the cast then, so maybe someone thinks he played a more visible character, but it’s a strange mistake…I don’t ever heard about any change in the original cast…maybe had him to interpret Adrian in the first screenplay? I don’t think so… in a biography on Jarman, I read that after have played Wallace, Richard accepted to play Justin. (maybe Jarman was also a big friend with Lindsay Anderson, they wrote some letters to each other).


From me: some thoughts on Imdb

Since I like Malcolm MacDowell, I’m happy I found out movie “IF…” because of him so I discovered Richard, even if (as I remember later) I already had seen him when I was a little child, in movies like “Romeo and Juliet”, “International Velvet” and later in “Hamlet”.

So, lets talk about him:

Good actor indeed, sweet and beautiful Richard Warwick, too much soon disappeared at 52.
In four decades, he made a lot of movies, with great directors like Derek Jarman, Franco Zeffirelli, Clint Eastwood, Lindsay Anderson, Richard Lester, and so on…
I’m glad he started his career in Italy, in one of most famous and beautiful film on Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”, in 1968. Then, he returned to play “Sebastiane” in Sardinia in 1976 (as a Latin soldier, Justin)!!! How curious, he played another Italian character, Antonio, in Jarman’s “The Tempest”.

I want remember him specially as Wallace (If…), Gregory (Romeo and Juliet), Justin (Sebastiane), Antonio (The Tempest), Allan (The bed-sitting room). Or as funny character like Phil Barker (A fine romance) or 7 of Spades (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).


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