Actors and Directors on Richard

I thank these people for being so kind and helpful with my request of memories, writing me back these precious stories on Richard!

Read the beautiful poem by Susan Penhaligon: “The Ashes” – in memory of her dear friend Richard, posted on Madame Arcati’s Blog I leave the lines as I found them in the original source. I’m so honored and happy that we follow each other on Twitter. She was the first one who followed me there!

The Ashes

<<Into the spider’s web and stone of Cheltenham

past the Daffodil cinema,

into the sleet

towards your favourite place,

on the day we left you for the boatman.

Down familiar roads,

maps drawn heavy in the mind,

the lines of childhood unsmudged,

your brother rattling memories on speed –

where the tree house formed

an ark in the Yew tree,

a hidey hole by the Holly bush,

in 61 the flooded fields iced over

for you to skate the Cotswolds.

We ford the mud-filled, wet-filled fields,

the Severn banks collapsed,

a racing, river road

collapsing trees and sky and us,

us three,

the friend, the lover, the brother,

our faces wet with flooding.

We stand before the Elephant tree

and pour you out,

from our palms where we held you

we pour you out

like spice, like adding salt,

we put you to the liquid earth

in the flooded wetlands of your childhood.

And through the rising deep,

across the seascape fields,

the waters covered the face of the earth

and the Ark sailed on towards us.>>

(Copyright © Susan Penhaligon 2012)




A special thanks to actor-director-artist David Wood, who played JOHNNY in the movie “IF…”

and was so nice to send to me this poignant thought on Richard:

Monday, 14th of December 2009

<<Dear Antonella,

Thank you for your message.  I agree that Richard and Christine should have sites dedicated to them.  As you know, both of them sadly died tragically young, and their careers were cut short.

They were both delightful people.

Richard was kind, easy-going, gentle, with the most wonderful smile!  A very ‘normal’ person, with no pomposity or self-importance.

When we were filming the study scenes in a small studio in South London, Richard, Malcolm and I went for lunch to a pub nearby.  We were wearing our school uniforms!  Richard was approached by the waitress, who thought he was a popular singer called Paul Jones.  Richard did look a little like him!  The waitress asked for his autograph.  Richard wondered what to do, then, not wanting the woman to be disappointed, signed ‘Paul Jones’!

He was a fairly private person.  There wasn’t time to get to know him really well.  But we did once stand together at the back of a huge crowd in Hyde Park, listening to (but not being able to see) the Rolling Stones.  A few years after IF …., Richard played a major role in a BBC television series, THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS.  This was filmed in beautiful countryside in Scotland.  Rather than stay with everybody else in the nice hotel provided, Richard apparently pitched a tent by the side of a river, and camped alone throughout the filming.

[a thought on Christine followed:

For Christine, IF …. was only her second professional job.  The first had been playing the role of Gigi in a small provincial theatre.  But she was extremely assured, and very friendly.  I was particularly impressed by the way she had few if any inhibitions when playing the ‘tiger scene’ in the cafe.  To see her rolling on the floor with Malcolm in a real transport cafe at 7.00 in the morning was quite an experience!  Incidentally, the nudity was not in the script.  Lindsay had the idea on the day, partly thanks to a remark made by Malcolm after a rehearsal, when he said, ‘he’ll have us doing it naked soon!’.  This was meant to be a joke, but Lindsay took it seriously and, as a result, the somewhat controversial scene was filmed.  At first, Christine didn’t know whether she should agree to do it, and asked me for my advice.  I recommended her to ring her agent.  But she told me she didn’t have an agent!  She was married, but didn’t seem to think her husband would be too worried, so bravely decided to go ahead.

The last time I saw Christine was on a tube train in London.  I think she was teaching, theatre studies probably.  Her career did not take off as it should have done.]

All good wishes.


I suggest you to visit his interesting site, with information, works, books on/by him!!!


Many thanks to Howard Rayner – writer, designer – who through Twitter (we follow each other), noticed my tribute to Richard and wrote to me about when he worked with Richard in “International Velvet”, 1978!

His official site is

24 June 2011

<<@MovieTheatrGoer Your tribute to Richard Warwick is lovely. I worked on International Velvet – a long time ago! Nice man.>>

25 June 2011

<<@MovieTheatrGoer I worked on Int Velvet as an extra for 3 weeks – I was part of TV crew in ‘Walking the Course’ sequence – which was cut!Peter Baldwin played TV presenter – all cut! The only bit left in is when Tatum pushes us away after she hurts her arm! We only found out the sequence was gone at the premiere! 😦 Still, we had nice time filming at Burghley House in Lincs.>>



Many thanks to the actor David Nicholas Wilkinson, I contacted through and just few days ago sent to me his tale on him working with Richard in “School Play”, 1979!

16 August 2011

<<I worked with Richard on a BBC film called SCHOOL PLAY.

I think it was the most enjoyable production I had worked on in my 10 years as an actor. I originally read for a large part which I did not get but the director offered me a smaller role. My agent advised me not to do this. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to him.

It was a highly prestigious production. Although we were all adults we were playing public school boys. I was the youngest. It was a very starry cast. The older boys were played by Denholm Elliott and Jeremy Kemp. The younger actors playing the junior boys were all the young turks of the industry- Michael Kitchen, Tim Piggott-Smith, David Troughton, Richard Morant, Jeremy Sinden, Jeremy Clyde and Richard Warwick.

They were all a very funny bunch. Everyone was always trying to top each other with funnier stories, I could not join in.  We also had to learn to march like soldiers and were taught by a senior regimental sergeant major who organised the Queens Trooping of the Colour. He was told to take it easy with us. Every morning before we started he drilled us. All I did was laugh. It was always so funny and I thought I would burst. The funniest of them all was Richard.

I knew him of course from IF which was a seminal film for my generation. He told me lots of stories of the filming. Interestingly he was not as tall as many people thought.

Later that year I was walking in New York with a couple of friends and telling them all about Richard. We walked around the corner and Richard was walking towards us. I did not know he was in the City.

I saw him a couple of years before he died. I did not know he was ill. He told me he was broke and had a very big tax bill and he just did not know how he was going to pay it. I had to rush to a meeting so did not talk further.

He was one of the nicest people I knew. I always thought he should have been a bigger star. I think it was probable because he was gay. This was not because of homophobia as I have rarely come across this in the industry. I think it was just because directors would probably not think he could play those manly roles that are required in leading film parts. Which is rather ironic as several big action Hollywood stars today are gay but it’s all hidden. Richard never hid his sexuality.

Everyone liked him. I never heard anyone say a bad word about him. My wife worked him long before I knew her and she said he was a dream to work with.

I am often sad when I see him in films or TV repeats that I never knew him better.

David Nicholas Wilkinson


guerilla group ltd.>>

His profile



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