1992-1993-1994 Rope 

1992 King Lear in New York

1991 Henry VIII or All Is True

1990 Treasure Island

1988 – 1989 Time and the Conways

1987 See How They Run

1986 My Fair Lady

July 10, 1984 The Merchant of Venice

1982 The Real Thing

1980 The Beaux Stratagem

1980 The Cocktail Party

1977? Dirty Linen

1974 The School for Scandal

1974 Hamlet

1973 In Praise of Love

1972 Julius Caesar

1972 The Shadow of a Gunman

1967 Love for Love

1967 The Dance of Death

1966 The Storm

no date Charley’s Aunt

no date While The Sun Shines

no date Jane Eyre

no date Quatermaine’s Terms

no date The Rivals



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