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I report all the books I bought for my research about Richard Warwick and the movie “If…”.

Some are still available in bookstores, some others are out of print.


Lindsay Anderson – The Diaries – pages 493-494, 5 May 1994: “I went a week ago to see Rope, which I’m happy to say Richard Warwick had a part in. (…) Afterwards I went with Richard to dinner at the Ivy…Richard seemed in good form, amiable an humurous as ever – and quite aware of the shortcomings of the evening. It was, as always, good to see him again.”


IF… Paul Sutton – Richard’s colleagues, like Malcolm McDowel, David Wood, Rupert Webster and Robin Askwith mention him at the time they filmed the movie.


The Confessions of Robin Askwith – he worked at least three times with Richard. Page 63 he writes about filming the “Confessions of” movies: “Two up and coming songwriters, Bugatti and Musker, were commissioned to write the songs for the band which would be called ‘Kipper’. Peter Cleall, Richard Warwick, Mike King (…) and Maynard Williams would make up the band.” – Group of photos after page 118, note: “The classic ‘Window Cleaner’ pose – note the two-tone shoes bought on a day trip to New York with Richard Warwick!” plus a photo of the ‘Kippers’ some pages ahead – Page 191-192: on working in IF with refer to Richard, I particularly like the part “I struck up a friendship with actor Richard Warwick who was playing the part of ‘Wallace’ (…)” – Pages 217-219: on working in “Nicholas and Alexandra” together again “As it turned out I was only too happy to, as it was my old friend from ‘If…’ Richard Warwick”. I will ask him or the editor the permission to report it in full.


Oh Lucky Malcolm by Marco Spagnoli and/on Malcolm McDowell (in Italian), with refers to “If…” and only a mention to Richard in the filmography, page 218. Anyway, it’s very interesting to read. I love the story on how he became an actor and the way he talks about his colleagues.


Never Apologise: The Collected Writings of Lindsay Anderson, by Lindsay Anderson and Paul Ryan – Page 22: a mention to Richard about the gym scene – Page 116: a mention to Richard talking about filming ‘If…’ – Page 123: a photo of Richard, David and Malcolm and refer to Wallace. It’s a pity it doesn’t say more about the friendship between Richard and Anderson.


Going Mad in Hollywood: And Life with Lindsay Anderson by David Sherwin –  don’t remember if it refers to Richard, I must read it again, but it’s an interesting one about Lindsay Anderson.


Defining Moments in Movies: The Greatest Films, Stars, Scenes and Events that Made Movie Magic by Chris Fujiwara (Editor) and various authors, (I got the Italian edition as Christmas present) – Page 420: it talks with fascination about the eroticism of the gym scenewith Wallace and Bobby in “If…”, reporting Richard and Rupert Webster as performers (but strangely it adds a photo of Mick instead in the following page).


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